Mette Saabye

Mette Saabye (1969) is trained as a goldsmith and subsequently as a jewellery designer at the Institute of Fine Metals in Copenhagen. Mette established her own jewellery business in 1996.Mette Saabye has since obtained recognition as one of Denmark’s most reputable jewellery makers and designers.

Since 1996, Mette has designed jewellery collections and executed artistic projects, which have been exhibited and distributed by a wide selection of galleries and museums in Denmark and abroad. Through her jewellery, she strives to convey her reflections on themes like: reality/illusion, human communication, time and memory. Mette has a rich mode of expression, which she unfolds in the materials and compositions that are best suited to convey a particular theme.

In addition to running her own business, Mette Saabye has curated exhibitions, taught and given lectures and been awarded numerous grants and awards over the years. For further information on please consult CV or check out her unika site